Call on VI Traditional Science Symposium on the topic: “Innovations, Reforms and Modern Business “


Oikos Institute – Research Centre, Bijeljina

Organizes on 24th of May 2018, from the New Economy cycle


VI Traditional Science Symposium
on the topic:

Innovations, Reforms and Modern Business

Basic goal of symposium is viewing and analysis of influence of innovative and reform processes to modern business.

Companies which incite innovations will take better market position, which will help them to maximize their profit, today it is rule for successful business at turbulent global market.

Innovation in problem solving implies constant improvement of business through generation of new ideas and practical ways of doing business, aimed at problem solving and gaining concurrent advantage.

Innovative companies are needed by creators of modern politics, for reasons of their undoubted importance for development and securing of business activities and their impact on improvement of ecological protection and decrease of risk of climate changes.

Innovations are not representing just new technologies or new products; they imply new and smart ways of doing business, new management methods, new business systems or new services.

As a result of interaction of innovations and globalization, concept of innovative management and innovative systems came to be, as a response to loud demands for concurrency of innovative processes, manifested as ever growing and undisputed influence of relevant external factors. Because of that topic of this symposium, as a challenge to paradigmatic New Economy, should determine guidance to modern business. Contemporary business should use knowledge and innovation for profit maximization, in complicated, but very challenging economic world.

Scientific symposium New Economy, organized by Oikos Institute, is categorized by competent ministry, with 11 points making it conference of significance for Republic.

Scientific symposium will be plenary, aimed to achieve full interdisciplinarity and intensive interaction of various research disciplines and stances and opinions, of authors with various practical and ideal backgrounds.

Intermediate goal of symposium is adequate understanding of innovation and reforms in economy and changes which they are bringing, and to, by usage of knowledge and innovations, give concrete ideas and practical solutions for better and more efficient business. Symposium work will be made through video link, using Skype, and also by presentations of applied and prepared scientific papers. Questions and responses to them, related with presentations, are allowed. There will be plenary debate, section work and student sessions.

Paper title, abstract and key words should be delivered to:

E-mail: until 15.3.2018.

Deadline for delivery of complete papers is 15.4.2018.

All papers which are approved by double-blind review will be published in thematic issue of “Economics” journal.

Symposium will be held in Bijeljina.

Program begins by participant registration at 9 O’clock, on May 24th 2018, and it is ending on the evening, same day.

Participation fee is 50 EUR, and it should be paid to bank account of Oikos Institute (5550000004916269), Nova Banka, Bijeljina, until 15.32018.

Participation fee do not cover accommodation or travel expenses.

Participants of this symposium will receive certifications, made by symposium organizer.

For additional information please contact phone numbers

+387 55 423 183   or   +387 65 511 328

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