Call on VII traditional scientific symposium on the subject: “Digital Concept in the Role of Creative Economy”


Oikos Institute – Research Center from Bijeljina

It organizes May 16, 2019, from the New Economy cycle

VII traditional scientific symposium on the subject:

“Digital Concept in the Role of Creative Economy”

Subsidiary topic:

The effects of digital and creative tourism economy

The main goal of the symposium is to examine and analyze the impact of the digital concept in the role of creative economy of Creative Economy.

Companies that make the digital concept a better market position, their economies will be more creative, which will help them maximize their profits, today it is the rule of successful companies on the turbulent world market.

Creativity in problem solving involves continuous improvement of business by generating new ideas and practical ways of doing business in order to solve problems and gain competitive advantage.

Creative economies are needed by the creators of modern politics for their undoubted importance in developing and securing business activities, and their impact on improving environmental protection and reducing the risk of disturbing climate change.

The digital concept represents new technologies, which includes new and smarter ways of doing business, new management methods, new business systems and new services.

Of course, in the active economic relations, the creative tourism industry is also inevitable, with the help of digital technologies that are now diverse. Such an economy will get better effects and will contribute to the overall growth of the National Economy, which is the goal of every society.

That is why the basic theme of this event and its auxiliary challenge for each society is especially recent, following the practices of advanced economies that have made significant progress in this direction, resulting in a creative country, we mean Australia and its creative economy. This can be seen as a challenge to the paradigmatic New Economy, which should in fact be a guideline for modern business. Today's business needs to use knowledge and innovation in order to maximize its profits, in a tangled but highly challenging world of economy.

Scientific meeting The New Economy, organized by the Oikos Institute, is categorized by the competent ministry, with 11 points a set of Republican significance.

The work of the scientific conference will be plenary, with the aim of achieving full interdisciplinarity and intensive interaction of various research disciplines, such as the views and opinions of the author, various expert and conceptual provenances.

The immediate goal of the symposium is to adequately understand the innovations and reforms in the economy and the changes they bring, and, using knowledge and innovations, provide concrete ideas and practical solutions for better and more efficient business. The conference will be done via video link using Skype exposure, as well as announcements of submitted and prepared papers. Questions are permitted, answers to the same in relation to the announcements, plenary discussions, round tables and sessions for the needs of students will be conducted.

The title, abstracts and keywords must be submitted to:

 e-mail: until 01.5.2019.

Deadline for submission of complete works is 01.5.2019.Or login to the platform

Instruction for payment PDF

Selected works that undergo anonymous dual reviews, and fulfill the requirements of Scopus and ESCI in accordance with the rules of writing and quoting, respecting and agreeing with the authors, will be published at the same magazine.

Other works according to the conditions of the journal  will be published in the thematic issue of the magazine Economics.


           Montenegrin Journal of Economics  Scopus




The symposium will be held at the Sutomore Hotel “SATO” Bar, Montenegro.

The program begins with the registration of participants on May 16, 2019, at nine o'clock, and ends on the same day in the evening.

The fee for participation in the Symposium is 80 E, paid to the Oikos Institute's giro-account (5550000004916269), Nova Banka, branch Bijeljina, by 15.3.2019 at the latest. years.

The registration fee does not include accommodation of the participants of the meeting, as well as transportation costs.

The participants of this symposium will be presented with certificates that will be made by the organizer of the meeting.

All additional information can be obtained by telephone number

+387 (0) 55 423 183     +387 65 511 328.